Why you have to come to Pallejà? It’s easy, Pallejà is a smart city and all the residents in the town colabore with it. We use renowable energies like solar panels. We also use electric cars and motorbikes and we use to walk or go cycling everywhere. We besides have a train station and bus stations and there’s a bus for the town that comunicates Pallejà with the urbanisation of Fontpineda. It’s good to use the public transport! We want to contribute to not contaminate and to revert the global warming.

Pallejà it’s a great city to have holidays, the advantages of coming here are that you can relax in our public swimmingpool and beauty centres. You can visit our emblematic monuments like the castle, the museum, the Molinada, the church and other interesting places. We have bars and diferent kinds of restaurants that you can eat very good! The town have at your disposition free wi-fi, it has a medical centre but not an hospital, but there’s one at 15 minutes. Pallejà it’s not perfect so it have some disadvantages, well it’s not a big town so it doesn’t have an hotel or a youth hostal so you have to acomodate in other town, but we are going to build an elegant and smart hotel that will work with renowable energies.

It’s a great town to invest because there’s aviable space and if you invest here people from other towns will come here, so you know, INVEST IN PALLEJÀ it’s the best thing that you can do!

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